07 4 / 2014

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15 3 / 2013


If you slow down Call Me Maybe to 75% its original speed, it sounds vaguely like an acoustic cover by a guy in a coffee shop.

this is still brilliant

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28 11 / 2012

I don’t want you to get hurt.

That’s why i’m putting you in bubble wrap, then double locking all the doors shut so you can’t get out unless you find the keys… which you will never find. Hint: They were delicious.

19 10 / 2012

I set an alarm for every hour so I can wake up and check if you’re still next to me.

03 10 / 2012

Let’s go somewhere only we know.

No, seriously. That spot is our little secret. Nobody will be able to find us here. If they do i might go to jail for holding you hostage…

30 9 / 2012

I went to your work today to say hi.

I asked your co-worker if you were there. You weren’t scheduled to work today… How was your other girlfriends house?!?

28 9 / 2012

I have the cutest pictures of us!

Too bad you were sleeping, so your eyes are closed in all of them.

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27 9 / 2012

Apparently it’s guys night tonight.

I wonder what we’re all gonna do?!

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26 9 / 2012

Thank you to everyone who is following!

25 9 / 2012

Basic explanation from the one, the only, Jenna Marbles of how you can be an overly obsessive girlfriend.